• Your company receives invaluable feedback and recommendations from the world’s culinary experts.
  • The Seal tells chefs and consumers that credible, independent experts have evaluated and certified your product.
  • Your product stands out in a competitive marketplace as superior in quality to the competition.
  • The Seal can be used in your marketing efforts. You also are awarded a one-time free appearance of a Master Chef for product launch efforts, promotions, or general consultation.
    Blind testing is done by a panel of Master Chefs in professional kitchens and labs under real life conditions. We objectively evaluate your food product or equipment and judge its quality and performance against comparable competitive products.

Food/beverage products undergo qualitative organoleptic evaluations based on texture, consistency, aroma, appearance and, most importantly, taste.

Equipment and tabletop items undergo durability, reliability, and performance testing in food service kitchens and dining rooms.
In all evaluations, Master Chefs’ Institute tests how well each product meets all implied or direct promises stated on its label and packaging. We reserve the right to periodically retest products at our expense.

The main areas of interest include:

  • The product performs well in a real kitchen.
  • The product attributes are consistent.
  • The product consistently does its job well.
  • The product outperforms the vast majority
    of its competition.

    If the product meets the quality standard of the Master Chefs, the Seal of Excellence will be awarded.


  Each product evaluated receives a comprehensive Master Chefs’ Report that details evaluation findings and provides invaluable input and professional recommendations for future research and development.   The Report shows exactly how your product measures up on a wide range of testing parameters - in some cases, over 400 evaluation points.

Use this information to strengthen your market position or tailor marketing efforts and product improvements based on the Master Chef’s unbiased counsel.


  What types of products are eligible for Master Chef Institute evaluation?
Foodservice products including equipment, tabletop items, food, beverages, and sanitation products.